After over 4,000 plus wraps we have been named the Wrap KING. We accept the name and will take care of the Wrap Kingdom. It is an Honor. Wrap KING in Cocoa Beach is Florida’s application center for wrap designs, wrap printing and wrap installations to Boats, Cars, Trucks, Vans, Box Trucks, Trailers, RV’s, Buses, Motorcycles, Interior Displays, Restaurant Tables and well just about anything that can be covered in all types of digitally printed wrap materials. We do big and small custom wrap jobs. Our location is at A1A Sign Wave Cocoa Beach. Brevard’s number one recommended sign and printing shop and studio. Wrap King and A1A Sign Wave Cocoa Beach take pride in our experience, knowledge and price in every area of signs and wraps as well as t-shirts and printing.  21 years in just the owner’s experience alone. That is hard to beat. Our staff is always the best in Brevard at what they do! ALWAYS.

Stick with us and stay up with what is the latest in our ever changing industry………..The KING.